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Good Shepherd charism

As the Good Shepherd searched endlessly for the

lost sheep among his flock,

so too will we not rest, until all who come to us

are provided for.

We believe that in so much as we do to the least of others,

we do for God.

The Good Shepherd

  • A shepherd feeds his sheep.Not all grass is healthy and thus it is our obligation to lead the sheep to good pasture and there let them eat.

  • A shepherd protects his sheep. A sheep walks with its eyes cast downwards and thus encounters many hazards. It is our responsibility to protect the sheep from dangers.

  • A shepherd comforts his sheep - they listen to her voice.

  • A shepherd knows his sheep. We too must know our sheep and seek out the one who is lost.

  • A shepherd carries the wounded on his shoulders. We too must take on the burdens of our sheep.

  • A shepherd unites the flock together.We must be vigilant in bringing our sheep together, of creating unity and peace within the communities in which we work.

...leading them to good pasture.


In 1815 a young French woman, Rose Virginie Pelletier, joined the Sisters of the Refuge, a community founded in France, in 1641, by a progressive priest, Father John Eudes.  These women provided shelter to homeless women who were social outcasts.

Rose Virginie took the name of "Sister Mary Euphrasia." She brought new life to a community that had been devastated by the French Revolution. At age 29 she was elected Mother Superior.

Mother Euphrasia began to reflect on the social conditions that had  occurred in the wake of the French and Industrial Revolutions.  Massive migrations to the city and the disruption of  family life, left great numbers of homeless children in need of care.

Mother Euphrasia implemented numerous and varied programs, designed to meet the needs of various groups of women and children.

She also recognized the universal demand for this work and in 1835 she established a new, international community - "The Sisters of the Good Shepherd" - modeled on the compassionate ministry of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

In her lifetime, she established 110 communities, expanding the outreach to every continent.  Today, the congregation has an active presence in 70 countries.

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