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Women's Income Generating Activities

Women formerly working in the Regina Centre

Time of transition

The restrictions of Covid-19 impacted our work in many ways.

The three and a half month closure of our income generating centres in 2020 - Regina Women's Self-Help Centre and Hands of Hope  - followed by  fewer orders, no local sales and shipping difficulties, led to re-evaluation as to the viability of continuing.

Numbers of participants had been declining in the Regina Centre for the last few years, with teenage girls encouraged and supported to pursue higher education and with a lessening of international orders, a decision was made to close.

The Regina Centre had provided skills training and employment to thousands of women since it first opened  in 1984 in Nong Khai town. Two additional centres had opened in the villages of Huai Sai and Don Wai  since that time, as well as the Isan Weaving Centre. The town site was the last to close in July 2020.

Enterprising - creative - self-help initiatives

Sewing continues

A group of women from the Regina Centre have chosen to form their own group to continue sewing and meeting orders from past and new customers. Mostly their work will be done with a Thai market in mind but are open to receiving international orders as well - providing shipping is an option to the requesting country.  The center facilities are available to them for use. To enquire about ordering....

Cultivating mushrooms and selling street food

Others in the group, have turned their attention to alternative income generating activities - working in the mushroom sheds that the Regina Centre had formerly set up and selling food on the street. Two women have created their own 'shops' selling food items from outside their own homes. While restrictions have continued to lessen trade, they are optimistic for the future.

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