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Self Help - Income Generating Activities

New initiatives

The restrictions of Covid-19 impacted our work in many ways.

The three and a half month closure of our income generating centres in 2020 due to Covid - followed by  fewer orders, no local sales and shipping difficulties, led to re-evaluation as to the viability of continuing.

Hands of Hope has remained open three days a week unless additional orders lead to more production time.

 with the women pursuing additional income-generating activities the rest of the week.

Communally, utilising the Friendship Centre grounds, the group has been growing fruit and  vegetables, making organic fertilisers, vermicomposting and raising tilapia fish for local sale.

Past and present members of Hands of Hope

Additional activities pursued individually at home, include:

  • Raising frogs

  • Raising fish

  • Rice cultivation

  • Growing vegetables

  • sewing for factory orders

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