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         Donations towards our project needs through the               Foundation, can be made in one of two ways:
        1. To donate through PayPal, please fill out the
            form below.
        2. To donate via Bank Transfer - please take note of                 our banking details below. Once you have                               completed the bank transfer, please send us an                     email with :


  •   your name and address
  •   project area for which you want                       the funds used
  •   transfer total

 - so that we can acknowledge your donation. 


          ADDRESS: 929 MEECHAI RD AMPHER MUANG 43000                               NONGKHAI THAILAND 

          ACC NO: 171 – 2 – 52516 -5 

          ACC NAME: GOOD SHEPHERD SISTERS  NONG KHAI                                 FOUNDATION


          ROUTING NO: 004 171

Good Shepherd Sisters

Nong Khai Foundation

 Help us fill our rice bowl

7 x 48 kg sacks of rice are needed per month in the Garden of Friendship care facility and for distribution to vulnerable village families.

One sack = 1,300 baht 

                   (US$ 41    A$ 63     E 36   GBP 32)

Can you help us?


1.  Is committed to social work and community development ,targeting  the lives of people in the villages, especially children,youth, women and families, in the areas of education,vocational training, health, sustaining the environment and culture.

2. Prioritizes activities enhancing education, including sponsorship for poor children.

3. Supports the  economic development of poor villagers through offering training opportunities, as well as providing social welfare support of vulnerable villagers.

4. Supports activities that improve the health of people especially those living  with HIV/AIDS and those suffering general sicknesses and disabilities. 

 Holistic help is provided – nurturing the physical, spiritual and social aspects of the person.

5. Supports activities providing vocational training-

              -  in agriculture ie:mixed farming  

              -  handicraft production ie; sewing, paper products

              -  micro credit revolving fund  

  - thus helping people  to help themselves through an occupation

6. Is committed to upholding human rights for those who are marginalized – ie: minority groups and especially children, youth and women

7. Works for the common good of society by networking with  government and NGO’s who are doing work in similar fields to ourselves.

8. Is a non-political organisation

Good Shepherd Sisters Nong Khai Foundation