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Sufficiency Learning Centre

for human resource development and empowerment

 Known to many who have been associated with Good Shepherd Nong Khai since the early years as the Village Vocational Training Centre (VVTC), this project has now changed to the “Sufficiency Learning Centre – for human resource development and empowerment”.

In the past ten years, life style has changed for those living in rural communities. Family owned land has decreased in size and with children now educated to a higher level than their parents, ‘farming’ is not the profession of choice. The VVTC offered training and follow-up resources to farmers for over 35 years but it has been decided to now change its focus.

The “Sufficiency Learning Centre – for human resource development and empowerment”, will now be facilitated by the Child and Youth Development Programme. As the name suggests, it will still be committed to skills training and informal education and will, like the VVTC in the past, be offering its facilities for use by NGOs, Government Departments and community groups. While the VVTC  focused on farmers and improving their quality of life, the Sufficiency Learning Centre, will primarily focus on schools, offering its skill development activities,  to teachers and students.

The grounds are currently being redesigned, so as to establish an optimum learning environment to those who will use the wonderful existing  facilities  - seminar halls, dormitories, dining room, salas, work stations,  and administration block - established over the years through our funding partners. There will be a gradual increase of activities offered by the Centre, to engage and educate users and the first groups are now being welcomed, with the lifting of restrictions due to Covid-19.

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A learning centre open to all.

Facilities are offered for use to other NGOs, schools, companies and community groups.

·         Accommodation - dormitory and shared room (A/C available)

·         Meals and convenience store.

·         Two seminar halls  with AV equipment 

·         Picturesque gardens and outdoor covered meeting areas

For further information or to make a booking - 

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