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 42 years of working with rural communities

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"They saw the town, saw the poverty of the villages and the poverty of the huge 35,000 populated refugee camp.

They saw it was ideal for a second foundation of the congregation in Thailand and they were right!

This is indeed an ideal location where there is a crying need for the work of the Good Shepherd."

 (Fr Theile - parish priest Nong Khai 1980 during investigative visit by GS sisters)

NB:  Slideshow is of the first 40 years - made for the 40th anniversary. Click below for music.

    Giving thanks for 42 years of mission

Through the past 42 years, the Sisters and their mission partners, have touched the lives of tens of thousands of project beneficiaries here in Nong Khai.

Of the founding community  - Sisters Mary, Margaret Mary, Joan and Pranee -  only Pranee remains. Sr Joan is currently in the Pattaya Community and Srs Mary and Margaret have returned to their Shepherd God. Twenty one different Thai sisters have worked in the projects for varying intervals over the years, side by side with dedicated local staff and a procession of volunteers. All of our efforts have been supported and sustained through the generosity, dedication and commitment of funding partners and friends and to all of these, we wish to express our deepest gratitude.

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Current programmes


At the heart of the projects, is a commitment to foster the dignity of the individual and a sense of belonging to communities where people experience respect, acceptance, love and hope. Through the two major programme areas - Village Outreach and Child and Youth Development, with their associated activities, the Good Shepherd Sisters and their compassionate and committed mission partners, have a presence in over 180 villages, across 4 provinces.

There has always been an emphasis on training - not only in skills development but in providing the means by which participants reach their full potential and feel empowered to help themselves and society at large.

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