Our Mission


With love, compassion and a holistic approach, our skilled and highly experienced mission partners, work to provide skills and opportunities, thereby developing self-sufficiency and meaningful lives among disadvantaged, rural people

    2020  Response to Covid-19

The unprecedented changes happening in our world this year due to Covid-19, have impacted people’s physical, mental and financial health and while Thailand has miraculously escaped the ravages of infection  that has tragically resulted in over 1,000,000 deaths world wide, socially and financially there has been a toll, particularly within our vulnerable target groups. While responding to their needs during the past months, we have had to make significant changes to some of our project areas which will be explained in more detail in the links below.

Emergency help

In March, when so much was uncertain about the spread of infection, we chose to take early precautions. Mask wearing became

the norm, long before it became mandatory and those in our economic justice programmes, began a three month 'stay at

home' period. This was particularly important for producers in Hands of Hope with compromised immune systems. Participants were

registered for government assistance, which most ended up receiving.

Another vulnerable population was that of the Garden of Friendship and immediately protocols were followed to safeguard the

residents with a ban on visitors and increased hygeinic procedures . Outreach staff limited their village and hospital visits to the

most essential but kept contact with clients by phone.

Schools had already closed for the long end of year break (March to May) and this was then extended to July,

Hearing of the plight of people trying to return to Laos who were sleeping on the roadside while their requests could be processed,  we opened the facilities of the Village Vocational Training Centre  - no longer accepting guests for seminars - to house them. This has happened  on three occasions in recent months with groups supervised by government officials. 

With the generous assistance of our benefactors, we have been able to continue food support to the poorest families in the villages impacted by lack of employment and hope to continue this assistance for as long as it is needed and we thank those who have provided materials or funds.


 About Us 


At the heart of the projects, is a commitment to foster the dignity of the individual and a sense of belonging to communities where people experience respect, acceptance, love and hope. Through the two major programme areas - Village Outreach and Child and Youth Development, with their associated activities, the Good Shepherd Sisters and their compassionate and committed mission partners, have a presence in over 180 villages, across 4 provinces.