Our Mission


With love, compassion and a holistic approach, our skilled and highly experienced mission partners, work to provide skills and opportunities, thereby developing self-sufficiency and meaningful lives among disadvantaged, rural people


15 years of Hands of Hope

On the 5th February 2005, a new project named Hands of Hope, in conjunction with the Village Outreach

Programme, opened its doors to the fist group of six women. Its target group was adults living with HIV and since

that first day, it has provided short and long term employment to 180 women and men and a holiday programme

to  24 children.  

Using saa (mulberry)  paper as the main medium, over 600 originally designed, hand made products, are now on offer. Hands of Hope has always celebrated life and fostered a spirit of hope and friendship. More about the project. Shop on the project's wholesale site.

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Garden of Friendship - 12 years of community, healing and LIFE

We give thanks to all who have supported the Garden of Friendship since it opened on December 6th 2008.

From a three bed care facility, it has grown to offer 35 places for those requiring medical and social  assistance, as well as offering long term accommodation to an additional 24. It is a thriving community which welcomes, encourages and enables people facing incredible challenges, to embrace life one again.

 About Us 


At the heart of the projects, is a commitment to foster the dignity of the individual and a sense of belonging to communities where people experience respect, acceptance, love and hope. Through the 5 major project areas, the Good Shepherd Sisters and their compassionate and committed mission partners, have a presence in 185 villages, across 4 provinces.






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