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Village Vocational Training Centre

Current needs

  • Support funds for demonstration farm - resources and personnel

  • Start up funds for farmers to initiate activities in their villages

       Demonstration Farm

Committed to the economic, social and sustainable development of vulnerable families, through diversified agricultural practices.

A learning centre open to all

Facilities are offered for use to other NGOs, schools, companies and community groups.

·         Accommodation - dormitory and shared room (A/C available)

·         Meals and convenience store.

·         Two seminar halls  with AV equipment 

·         Picturesque gardens and outdoor covered meeting areas

For further information or to make a booking - 

The farming life in the northeast of the country, is fraught with difficulties. Lack of rain for 6 months of the year, subdivision of land over past generations and the recent  trend to plant  eucalyptus and rubber trees in rice fields, has impacted on the farmers’ ability to live off the land all year round. For those who want to remain with their families and village communities, a more creative approach with diversified activities, is required.

The Village Vocational Training Centre, (VVTC), established in 1986 and under the direction of the Good Shepherd Sisters, is committed to the economic, social and sustainable development of vulnerable families, through improved and diversified agricultural practices. Opportunities are provided for skills training and implementation of income-generating activities within the rural population.  Staff work closely with farmers, village leaders, the agricultural department of Nongkhai and past members of the training programmes who act as mentors for new participants. The approach is not to impose ideas but, in dialogue with the farmers, to provide programmes that best meet the needs of the rural population, enabling farming families to help themselves.




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