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Regina Women's Self-Help Centre

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Project needs

  • New market venues - locally and internationally

  • Social welfare assistance - for women and their families in times of sickness and family crisis, when they are unable to work.


  • Enabling women to support themselves and provide for their children.

  • Providing dignified and creative work.

  • Keeping families and communities together.

  • Teaching skills and encouraging leadership.

Improving lives…one stitch at a time

Begun in 1986 the centre is an example of how the sisters first responded to the needs of the population's changing times.At its peak, the Regina Centre encompassed three sewing centres in Nong Khai town and in the villages of Huai Sai and Don Wai. Additionally, under the label of  ‘Isan Weaving ‘, hand woven material was produced on simple looms, keeping alive the traditional designs. Isan Weaving was situated in the Village Vocational Training Centre.

However, with changing lifestlyes and the fact that young womrn are encouraged to pursue an education and study to higher levels, the centres were closed one by one. Now, only the sewing centre in the town is in operation with weaving looms on the premises.

Sales of the finished items are made locally and overseas. Producers depend on sales for the crafts to provide for their families.

The women involved in the project are trained to take responsibility for management in all areas related to craft production,  decision –making, accountancy , invoicing, quality control, packing, salaries and supervision.

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